Coho, also called Silver Salmon, are a fun species of salmon to fish for and catch.  They are fairly numerous, can be acrobatic and are aggressive biters.

Snohomish Coho

Snohomish system coho


In saltwater the coho first start showing up in late July.  Depending on location you can find them in the salt going into October.  While there they feast on herring and other bait fish, trying to bulk up for the spawning journey.  Lures that look, act, smell like bait fish – especially wounded bait fish – can clean up.



In freshwater coho like to hold in “frog water”, that is slow moving water that keeps them out of the main current.  Back eddies and behind points can be great places to target.  They also like hanging out around downed tree which break up the current – and eat up your gear.

Generally speaking they go after bright lures – reds and pinks – especially those that get in their face and bug them, like plugs.  They also readily take roe, which is a great way to target coho when the rivers are filled with pinks.

When spooked, however, small and dark presentations can be the way to go.


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